Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The day at the animal park!

I will name all the people left to right: Amber,Elizabeth, Gage,me,Molly

Amber is a bear after me.(moosey ears!)
Molly went afer me to!

I'm a very scarry harry beary

Pic time for my bro!

Me and Bro

Animal time! the white porcupine looks cute and cuddly but No Touchy!

Black bears can be black,brown,and blonde! The 3 Bs!

A beauty doe get my gun!

A baby turtle on a log!

My precious! I saw more animals but we couldn't take pics of!


Country Girl said...

Cool place isn't it? Glad you got to go there this summer! ~Kim

Cowgirl said...

It was fun I went there 2 times this summer!

Country Boy said...

I had a great time at animal park when I went did you.

Cowgirl said...

I hade a GREAT TIME.